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The Text Message Company has been created with your business in mind. We know just how important it is for you to stay in touch with your customers and clients.

Communication is the key to business success
We ensure you can communicate easily, efficiently and effectively

Would your business benefit from:
•  Direct communication with customers and clients?
•  Cost-effective communication?
•  Time-saving communication?
•  Increased customer and client response rates?

The Text Message Company is ideal for all businesses and organisations, large, small, and public or private sectors – if you have customers, you would benefit.
Simply buy a bundle of texts or opt to pay as you text, and your world of communication becomes easier, more efficient and more effective. Text customers or clients a meeting or appointment reminder, an alert, a rota change or request, a progress update for a parent, a promotional offer, a voucher code, or details of the latest club meeting. We are also able to integrate with systems to automate messages and are able to create bespoke solutions to fit any business.

Whatever the reason: communicate by text for speed, impact and responsiveness

With 85% of the population in the UK having access to a mobile phone, the Text Message Company offers you the perfect communication solution.

Just some of the businesses who would benefit.

Banks Book clubs Care homes Charities
Cinemas Community centres Dentists Doctors
Energy companies Galleries Garden centres Gyms
Jewellers Marketing agencies Nightclubs Nurseries
Opticians PR agencies Pubs Recruitment agencies
Restaurants Retailers Sales people Schools
Sports clubs Theatres Youth clubs

A few of the many benefits of using our service: An alternative to writing letters, which not only takes...

The system we use has been designed to be as intelligent, simple and...

Text messages can be used by dental practitioners to send out information on...

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“Integrating technology seamlessly to provide you with simple, effective, competitive and innovative communication.”

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