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The Text Message Company

How It Works

  • The system we use has been designed to be as intelligent, simple and secure as possible. It is a web based solution for you to send messages to patients or parents. With a secure username and password, you are able to send hundreds of messages within a matter of minutes, no time wasted on phone calls, or writing letters.
  • You are able to create templates ensuring time is not wasted writing the message over and over.
  • You are able to create an unlimited number of groups so one message can be sent to an entire group of people.
  • We can create bespoke solutions to automate messaging, ideal for companies that want a customized solution.



Some of our clients include :


  •     Skills for Enterprise
  •     Brent Council
  •     Vdrive
  •     Manel
  •     Kotak Group of Companies
  •     Alperton
  •     Phone Nation
  •     and many more



“Integrating technology seamlessly to provide you with simple, effective, competitive and innovative communication.”

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